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Top 5 Key Tips in Making Your Wedding Reception Decorations Adorable

One of things that should not be overlooked when planning a wedding is the wedding reception decorations. After the wedding ceremony, the guests go to the reception venue where the wedding program will take place. Therefore, it is necessary that the reception is adorable enough in the eyes of your guests, your family and friends. […]

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Wedding Centerpieces – 4 Tips For Stunning Centerpieces

There are many details that go into planning a wedding reception. After you find a location for your reception, book the caterer, and hire the entertainment, your focus can turn towards other topics like wedding centerpieces. As with all wedding details, wedding centerpieces come in a wide range of choices. From expensive and over the […]

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Floral Wedding Centerpieces Planning and Tips

Wedding centerpieces can be a very important part of planning for a wedding. The centerpiece will be the central focus of your guests and an important decoration. It is therefore necessary to spend some time on planning a centerpiece that will act as an extension of the wedding theme. Floral wedding centerpieces are the most […]

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