Top 5 Key Tips in Making Your Wedding Reception Decorations Adorable

One of things that should not be overlooked when planning a wedding is the wedding reception decorations. After the wedding ceremony, the guests go to the reception venue where the wedding program will take place. Therefore, it is necessary that the reception is adorable enough in the eyes of your guests, your family and friends.

The first thing that you need to consider when planning for the decor of your wedding reception is exactly where it will be hold. Today, wedding receptions are held almost anywhere – from yachts to mansions, gardens to restaurants.

Make sure that the wedding reception decoration will be adorable. Even if the reception hall already looks that way, sprucing up is needed to make the venue coincide with the wedding theme.

Here are 5 key tips to make your wedding reception decoration adorable.

  1. First up, the entrance to the reception. Similarly, with the entrance to the wedding ceremony, place a guest registry table at the entrance of the reception area where guests can sign their name before entering. Actually, you can use the same decorations you have from the wedding ceremony to the reception. May it be a huge balloon arrangement or a flower arrangement adorned at the entrance of the church, you can still use it to decorate the entrance of the reception.
  2. The floors of the reception venue can also be decorated. Flower petals give a touch of elegance to the floors or to the pathways to the entrance of the reception. All you got to do is scatter rose petals over the floor of the whole reception area – the aisles, the front of the table where the newly weds are seated and also the pathways to the reception.
  3. Another part of the wedding reception decorations is the ceiling decors. You can hang a topiary, paper snowflakes, swag of white fabric or balloon arches on the ceiling. It creates a touch of drama to the ceiling of the reception hall.
  4. If the reception is held outdoors, into the open where trees or bushes surround, you can add a string of white lights to create a more romantic ambiance. This is usually seen on garden wedding ceremonies, with after-wedding parties that lasted until nighttime. Those lit up trees and branches illuminating through the night will add a dreamy-like romance to your overall wedding reception decoration.
  5. Make the wedding tables where for the guests stand out. Round tables are the usual wedding tables on any wedding occasions. You can’t just leave it plain and simple. Make your wedding reception filled with lovely set of tables covered with cloth that resembles your wedding color. Accentuate it with numerous tiny tea light candles adding warmth to the atmosphere.

Keep in mind that setting the right mood to create the look you want for your wedding does not need to be costly. Just let your imagination run wild. By being creative you can surely come up with a lot of unique ways in making your wedding reception decoration adorable on your very special day!

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